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Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases

Darwins Animal Nutritions & Veterinary Consultancy Service provides skilled and reliable veterinary services to individual livestock producers and large animal companion owners through science based medicine, client education, and management ingenuity.

Herd Health

Darwins Animal Nutritions & Veterinary Consultancy Service visits farms to evaluate overall health status of your beef or dairy herd. These visits may include regular vaccination administration, dehorning of calves, castrating bulls, checking for pregnancies, and treating sick cattle.


We are equipped with the most up-to-date portable ultrasound machine to determine pregnancy in your cows and heifers as early as 26 days after breeding and determine the sex of the calf between 55-75 days after breeding.


Thorough evaluation and consultation of your herd’s ration to establish the most balanced and efficient diet for your cattle.calf

Protocol Management

Development and implementation of sustainable and effective protocols for disease recognition and management for all life-stages of your herd, including calf pneumonia, cow mastitis, milk fever, bloat, ketosis, hoof care, etc.

Disease Control & Treatment

We treat all curable animal diseases and carry out disease control of:
Canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirosis and rabies in dogs
Rabies and feline flu in cats
Black quarter, anthrax, Rift Valley Fever, Foot and Mouth and Lumpy Skin disease in cattle
Besides the above measures we advise pet owners and farmers on worm control, poultry management and other management practices.

Our well equipped mobile units allows us to diagnose and treat your cattle in a complete and timely manner. We provide on-farm and in-house testing for ketosis, milk fever, mastitis, parasites, and much more.


Our mobile units contain fully stocked surgery kits to perform sanitary and effective surgeries on-farm. Surgeries include displaced abomasum (DA) standing pyloropexy, castration, cosmetic dehorning, standing C-section, hernia correction, claw amputation, eye removal, laceration repair and much more.

General Inquiries

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